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Roy Dotrice: Watternoose told CDAs about Boo with her door.

Waternoose: When the door lands in the station, cut the power. ( Professor Porter and Jane was hearing to up there.) You'll have a child and criminals responsible for this whole mess

Mike: Great. (Goofy the musketeer have an idea.) A welcoming committee. (Pongo the dalmation he smile up there.) What are we gonna do?

Roy Dotrice: Getting idea Sulley led Mike out of Boo's costume montser , he wants to tell Waternoose and CDAs.

Mike: (Copper was awoke.) OK, OK, you guys. (The Beast smile with the teeth.) Here we are. (Meg was smile.) Here's a kid. (Waternoose and CDAs they standing.) I'll cooperate, but before you take us away, I have 1 thing to say.

Roy Dotrice: Mike was out of Boo's sock and throwing with CDA.

Mike: Catch.

Roy Dotrice: CDAs charged after Mike, Tarzan watched as Sulley carrying Boo's door and the child, what a banging of this things. He started to run grabbing Boo and the door. When that evil Waternoose chased them in the hall way, he will attacked by them, so she's getting inside as Sulley he put a stens and his fix the door.

Waternoose: Sullivan!


Sulley: Come on.

Waternoose: Don't go in that room. (Sully was close the door.)

Roy Dotrice: Without warning Waternoose was get angry, growing, screaming, shouted, yelling and arguing he pounding and the banging the door he open it to see that Sulley was very angry to him, until Boo to save on his bed.

Waternoose: This is was gone enough, James.

Sulley: She's home. (Shnitzel panic.) Now leave her alone

Waternoose: I can't do that. (at the Collin Chel was standing.) She's seen to much. (Kala was so mean.) You both have.

Sulley: It doesn't have to be this way.

Waternoose: I have no choice. (Princess Jasmine was so mad.) Times have changed. (as the vultures so mad at Waternoose.) Scaring isn't enough anymore.

Sulley: But kidnapping children?

Waternoose: I'll kidnapped 1000 children before I let the company die. (Tod was hiding the stove.) And I'll silence to everyone who gets in my way!

Roy Dotrice: Waternoose hitting Sulley she getting to Boo as a boy mess up it's a machine as a wall and the window are move at machine Sulley and CDAs was explained happening of especially Waternoose.

Mike: We'll, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I spotted sereval big mistake.

Waternoose: But, but but how did?

Mike: You know what?

Mufasa: What?

Mike: Let's watch my favorite part again (Smile) Shall we.

Waternoose: (The Beast, Prince John, Gaston, and Bagheera saw Waternoose at the cameras.) I'll kinapped 1000 children before I let the company die. (Miguel and Tuilo are standing there.)

Roy Dotrice: As Boo was save under the bed, the CDAs arrested Waternoose was a time to leave.

CDA: (Pterano was horror.) I'll get him. CDA: (Kayley was back there holding a basket, her eyes down saw Waternoose was arrested.) Alright come along, sir.

Waternoose:(Copper was doomed.) What are you doing? (SpongeBob and Patrick was sitting up on the road.) Take your hands off. (Baloo was back here.) You can't arrested. (Timmy Turner and Cosmo was happening.) I hope you're happy, Sullivan. (Friar Tuck was back there.) You destroyed this company Monsters Incorporated is dead! (Maid Marylin and Lady Kluck, Mother Rabbit and her children and Little John was terrible happened.) Where will everyone get their scream now? (Frollo was sit up was by Waternoose's angry.) The energy crisis will only get worse because of you! (Loud Echoing)

(Door Slammed)

Roy Dotrice: The crows cover their ears on the tree. When Sulley was no feelings.

Banzai: We'll he started it!

CDA: Stay where you are. (Simba was smile.) Number 1 wants to talked you. Attention.

Roy Dotrice: Mowgli, Rabbit, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, King Stefan, King Hubert, Phil, Pumbaa, and Tarzan smile at the visitor the CDAs as a line to see Roz.

Roz: Hello, boys.

Sulley and Mike: Roz?

(Door Clangs)

Roz: 2 And a half years of undercover work were almost wasted when you intercepted that child, Mr. Sullivan.(Mufasa was smile.) Of course, without your help, I never would known that this went all the way up to Waternoose.

Boo: Oh.

Roy Dotrice: Boo was out of the bed.

(CDAs Gasp)

Roz: Now, about the girl.

Sulley: I just want to send her home.

Roz: Very good. (Baloo getting idea.) Bring me a door shredder.

Sulley: What? (Fa Zhou was back there.) You mean. (Timon was thinking.) You mean I can't see her again.

Roz: That's the way it has to be. (Marty the zebra to happy.) I'll give you 5 minutes.

Professor Porter: Go on.

Roy Dotrice: Sulley take Boo was take her home when senting goodbye to Mike.

Mike: It's been fun. (Pacha was happy.) Go ahead. (Shanti was smile.) Grow up.

Roy Dotrice: Boo giggly and laughed as Sulley he was happy. After all Boo give Sulley a teddy bear, a doll, a ball and even squeaking clownfish.

Marlin: (He awoke.) Nemo?

Sulley: Come, here you!

(Homer and Bart Laughing)

(Lampwick Laughed)

He's a happy bear. (Tigger smile.) Nothing's coming out of your closet to scare you anymore, Right? Yeah. Goodbye, Boo. Kitty has to go.

Mrs. Packard: Wow, I'm impressed.

Gods: Aww..

Roy Dotrice: Sulley was leaving he close the door will be all the time has come, when CDAs put the door of this one of thing does like a saw with a door knolbs. Roz wasn't happened.

Roz: None of this ever happened, gentlemen. (Dumbo was happy.) And I don't want to see any paperwork on this.

Pterano: Ta-ta!

Roy Dotrice: To encouraged Roz and other CDAs leaving left Mike was 1 piece of the Boo's tiny a flower Sulley want to save of all. Phoenus snapped a finger as CDAs arrested Waternoose was a prisoner when everyone was a shutting down of factory. Together Mike told Sulley about wresling at Boo beating up by Randall.

Mike: When that wall went up you should have seen Waternoose's face. (Kala was so proud.) I hope we get a copy of that tape. (The Sea King Triton was thinking.) Are you alright? Come on, pal. (Winnie the Pooh and Big Mama time to thinking.) Cheer up. (Simba, Jim Crow and Kerchak they are happy.) We did it! (he show her a last time at Boo and Sulley.) We got Boo home Sure, we put the factory in the tollet 100s of people will be out of work. (Mrs. Jumbo the elephant was nice.) Not to mention the mob that will come after us when there's no power, but at least we has some laughs, Right?

Sulley: Laughs.

Littlefoot: Right.

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